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Our Fishing Boats

Welcome Aboard the Killer Beas!

The boat 'Killer Beas II' at the dock Our beautiful fleet of boats are among the best vessels in their class. We have a 30' Grady White, a 25' Welcraft, and a 25' Trophy. We specialize in safety and comfort to ensure a relaxed and fun-filled fishing experience. Each boat is equipped with all of the modern electronics including, GPS, radar, quadraphonic sound cd, cell phone, and a full flush toilet. Our captains hold the highest level of first aid available in Canada. They have thousands of sea hours logged and have guided at many distinguished lodges and resorts in British Columbia. They are prepared at all times for any situation that may occur.

Our vessels are fully equipped with the following:

Please browse through our site and check out our photo galleries, if you have any further inquiries or would like to book please contact Darren Beasley at any of the numbers listed below.

For charter information, please contact Darren Beasley via E-Mail or Toll Free in Canada & U.S: 1-866-259-1111. In Victoria please call 250- 381-8000 or 250-514-4070