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"We went for a staff day out on the water with 8 of us and had a great time. Beasley's has two seriously equipped fishing boats so this was no problem for Darren's company.

It was an absolutely beautiful day but a little slow for fishing. Luckily, we caught a couple of salmon, but it was the other boat!

For my part, I was in the boat with Darren (the owner) which was great fun. First off, he was working it as hard as he could to catch fish. Since my brother is an avid fisherman, I know what this looks like. He was trying everything: leader length, flasher colour, lures, bait, depth, speed, and different areas.  Despite the lack of results, Darren was very upbeat and engaging with the seasoned attitude of an experience fisherman: "That's why they call it 'fishing' and not 'catching'". I would not hesitate to recommend Beasley's - it's your best chance to catch fish."

- Dan L.