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Whale Watching Tours in Victoria BC

Whale Watching - Vancouver IslandBeasley's Fishing Charters offers custom tour packages aboard the 'Killer Beas' to best suit your experience whale watching off Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. Observe these majestic whales in their natural environment and experience the sheer magnificence of these incredible mammals. See them hunt for salmon, breech through the air, and play in their pods off the coast of beautiful Victoria and Vancouver Island. These mammals will put on a show that you could never experience from the seat of your couch!

Marine life you might observe include orcas (killer whales), grey whales, humpback whales, pilot whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions, eagles, and countless other sea birds. We offer high-speed zodiacs for the adventure seekers, which carry up to 12 people. Large covered boats are also available for larger groups ranging from 30ft to 60ft in length. These boats offer a lot more of the modern comforts and conveniences of home. So whether you are single or a member of a family or large group, at Beasley's we offer it all, big or small! Beasley's fishing charters also offers custom island tours, sightseeing, stag and bachelorette parties, dinner cruises, harbour tours, memorial services, eco tours, and bird watching. Whatever your desire, we will ensure fond memories to last a lifetime!

Please browse through our site and check out our photo gallery, if you have any further inquiries or would like to book a Victoria downtown whale watching trip, please contact Darren Beasley at any of the numbers listed below.

For charter information, please contact Darren Beasley via email or toll free in Canada & U.S: 1-866-259-1111. If you're in Victoria give us a call at 250-381-8000 or 250-514-4070.

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Beasley's fishing charters also offers custom island tours, sightseeing, stag and bachelorette parties, and dinner cruises. Whatever your desire, we will ensure fond memories to last a lifetime!