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Fish Facts


Chinooks, known as Spring Salmon in Canada, and King Salmon in the U.S. range typically in the 3-60 pound range with Chinooks over 30 pounds being called Tyees. In the late summer months, Chinooks (Kings) typically weigh-in anywhere from 10-60 pounds with plenty of Tyees in the 30's and 40's. Once you've tied into one of these monsters you'll be hooked. The fight is incredible and all that fresh fish is nice too.

In winter months the Winter Springs are plentiful. They typically range in the 5-20 pound range. Although they are smaller than the summer fish they are still great fighters and are excellent eating.


Generally the best times for Halibut fishing are March through August depending on the tides. These fish range typically in the 40 -100 pound range with the occasional monster tipping the scales as high as 200+ pounds.


Lingcod fishing is available June through September and bottom fishing is good pretty much all year round.

Note: We are pleased to offer a range of choices for your catch. We will either, clean and filet or steak it to your liking or we can have it canned or smoked canned by St. Jeans cannery.